Having a logo designed is a vital part of starting or branding a business. The logo sets the tone for the rest of the marketing materials.

When discussing key elements for the logo with your designer your ultimately choosing your company theme. As a Long Island logo design company our process is simple. First, we have a consultation with each client to get to know their wants and needs. Next, we ask for the company name, slogan, 3 desired colors and the font style they prefer. Finally, we design award winning logos and provide them to our clients. ? Often times new customers will come to us to due to the fact that their previous designer was not able to accomplish the goal. Whether it is inexperience, lack of creativity or just took too long the logo just didn’t work for them. Here are 3 ways to find a reputable logo designer so this problem doesn’t happen again.

3 Ways To Find A Reputable Logo Designer

1- Years of experience. When hiring a logo design agency ask how long they have been in business for. Talent is talent so whether the company is brand new or they have been in business a long time this is a grey area. BUT?, most seasoned companies might know how to expedite the process quicker. It takes years of experience to develop a truly great product. In order to design and develop any product takes knowledge, skill and expertise.

2- Portfolio. ¬†Check 2 main sources for the desired hire’s portfolio. 1, check their website, look for their portfolio and check the range of their skills. See if what you envision for your logo is in the talent level of the person your are looking to hire. 2 Check social media. Look up their Facebook or Instagram and compare their work.

3- Files. Prior to giving a deposit ask the graphic design company what files & fonts will you be receiving with the logo. If you are going to printing, screen printing, web design or any other marketing you will need certain files. Ask for all the fonts and art files so you are equipped.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 ways to find a reputable logo designer. If you need a designer or just have questions please call us.