When hiring a graphic design agency you must be aware of several steps to protect yourself. The whole process seems simple, search for a graphic designer, a quick consultation, and wait for your designs. But ?, It is not always so simple. Most designers are very transparent, honest and will provide everything you may need. Other times we are faced with having to redraw or recreate artwork due to fly by night design companies. While having your consultation with your designer be sure to ask the following questions. Here are 3 tips for graphic designers.

1-Font License. For every design that uses a font you must have a font license. The designer you hire creates the logo but they might not have designed the font. Ask in advance for the font license. You will need this if you are going to copyright or trademark your logo design. Also ask that the font license be in your company name NOT the graphic design agency’s.

2-Purchase Photos. If your graphic design has any imagery in it ask your designer where the photo source comes from. If they say “online” ?, they need to be more specific! Ask if the photo was purchased and have them provide a license. You cannot steal photos and use them in artwork. Even if it is for a background, it is still stealing. There are plenty of stock photo websites out there to purchase imagery. Have your designer direct you to whatever stock photo website they are using. Purchase whatever photo they want to use and send it to your designer. Simple!

3-Ask For Final Art Files. This is a big one. There has been so many instances where clients will ask us to recreate artwork. This is due to graphic design agencies not giving the final artwork once the transaction is complete. In your initial consultation get it in writing that once the design is complete you own all rights and that you will have the final artwork.

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We hope you enjoyed reading 3 tips for graphic designers. For more tips Benjamin Marc recently wrote this blog check it out!