Launching a website is a pretty exciting moment. Whether you are launching a new website or you rebuilt your current one there are some simple tasks to do beforehand. Performing these will not take a lot of time and are worth it in the long run. Here are 3 tasks to complete prior to website launch.
* Before doing these you may want to consult a web design or SEO company to assist.


1- Take a back up. Once you are about to launch be sure to take a back up of your old website and your new one. Although the website will be on your web server just incase of a crash take a hard copy back up. More times than not in the first 6 months we refer to our old websites for reference.

2- Check for spelling, grammar & broken links. It sounds funny but making sure to check the spelling & grammar is so important. Search engines frown up spelling & grammar mistakes as well as broken website links. There are several broken link plugins and softwares you can use to test this. Re read your content prior to launching to make sure it flows properly.

3- 301 redirects, sitemap. For this task you might need a web design company but their are several tutorials online incase you want to try yourself. If you are replacing your old website with a new one you may need to redirect your web pages to the new extensions.

For instance, say your original website is built in html. Naturally your page extension for your “Long Island Screen Printing” web page could look like this:
and your new page looks like this:
You should a 301 redirect from the html version to the non html version so search engine will crawl and index the new one. Once these are complete you can make a sitemap.xml to submit to the search engines. This will give them all the necessary links on your website to crawl and index.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 tasks to complete prior to website launch.