When formulating an SEO strategy there are many steps to follow to do it properly. SEO is an ongoing process that takes time and patience. If done correctly is can be very beneficial for website owners. When building a website make sure you always keep SEO in mind. In this blog we will give you 3 marketing strategies for SEO companies that all website owners can try.


1-Content. It’s no secret that having high quality content is one of the main factors for SEO. A highly skilled SEO company will advise you to write for your readers not for the search engines. BUT ? Why not write for both? Search engines are trying to get to know you and your website so why not write content that your readers will enjoy as well as educating the search engines? How do we achieve both? A good way is to map out your services into separate landing pages. For instance if one of your services happens to be screen printing. You should dedicate a page on your website titled Long Island Screen Printing and optimize your content accordingly. Adding engaging information to the web page such as photos, videos, presentations and content will help elevate the material.

2-Website Speed. Speed plays another vital role in search engine optimization. There are several great speed test softwares online so you can test the speed of your website. If your website is running slow it is either a website issue or the web hosting that your website is on. Get it addressed immediately because website speed is a big factor.

3- Blog. Blogging serves many purposes for an SEO company or any website owner. Blog posts keep readers and search engines engaged about your products and services. Having regular blogs posted to your website will keep them both coming back for more.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 marketing strategies for SEO companies.