Launching a new website is an amazing accomplishment in itself. Some would say it is like having another business where the opportunities are endless. A website gives you the ability to add just about anything at anytime. Making constant updates and adjustments can help further your progress as time goes on. Most web design agencies would suggest adding content to a website regularly to achieve multiple goals. Here are 3 web design tips that might help you along. If you do not have a web designer to help please contact us for a consultation.

1- Speed. Optimal website speed is good for many reasons. First and foremost for your online visitors. When a website viewer is visiting your website on a phone or tablet they are competing for wifi availability for speed. If your website is running slow this adds insult to injury. Here are some tips to speed up your website:
Optimize your images. Optimizing your imagery without compromising the look can definitely help with speed.
Web hosting server. Do you due diligence when it comes to website hosting servers. Cheaper is not always better or in this case faster.

2- Mobile. Make sure your website is mobile and table friendly. In this day in age this should be system standard. Certain website are built off themes and templates and may need to be tweaked and adjusted accordingly for the best mobile user experience. There are several mobile testing plugins and softwares to test this prior to launching.


As an SEO company we can tell you that the first two are very impotant to any online marketing campaign.

3-Test contact information. You don’t know how many times we have heard of horror stories in the case of contact information. It seems so simple but more mistakes are made this way than need to be. Make sure to test phone numbers, email addresses and contact form submissions once the website is launched. A mistake can be a missed opportunity for your business. Test all phones, tablets and browsers once the website is up online.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 web design tips and if you have any questions please contact us.