Getting your car or truck letter can help create a buzz


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In today's digital age companies are looking more and more to promoting their business, products and services via the web through websites, social media, search engine marketing and e-mail marketing. They have websites designed to fit any size screen from smartphones to tablet PCs to e-books and laptops. But all of this technology does not mean that more standard types of advertising are no longer used. Word of mouth still has value and an eye-catching advertisement still has weight in this world.

But how do you advertise effectively in a way that is not online? You could by a billboard or rent space on a bus-stop shelter or bench. The more adventurous businessmen will even try sky-writing but all of these can be expensive and may not give you the type of exposure you want. There is an alternative and you have probably seen it. Vehicle advertising. We have all seen business vehicles with custome lettering and signs on the side or back but perhaps you have seen someone driving around in a car that is a rolling billboard. The custom graphics that are used to do that are called wraps. They can be made for any vehicle size or shape and, like a website, can be highly personalized with whatever information you would like on them.

Anthony Savino Design can help you with this type of advertising. The graphic design work that needs to be done for vehicle wraps is an intricate process to ensure that the most important parts of your messaging are not lost in one of the less prominent areas of the vehicle you will wrap. But as graphic design is at the heart of all of the work that Anthony Savino Design does you are assured of the highest quality work. Having a custom designed wrap you have an advertisement that, like a website, can present the messaging you want to communicate in a unique and eye-catching way. And there are no limits to what you can include. Business name, logo, product names, list of services, phone number, website URL and even social media identities. You can even place a call to action that will generate phone calls and leads. The sky is the limit. We can lay out the exact pattern for the lettering and create it in a way to maximize the space you are using to include all of the information you wish to have.



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