The Importance of the logo design & branding process.


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Did you ever feel like your company is like a piece of driftwood floating in a huge ocean of competition? You might have a listing in a phone book, B2B, or an advertisement in the local shopper or the web -- mere words on a page, whether it be on paper or in cyberspace. Letters and numbers with no true identity.

Naturally, all companies start out in this early phase, searching for an identity to capture the attention of their clientele. The important question is how long will your company remain there, treading the waters of anonymity in a sea of shark-like competition? That most likely will depend on whether or not you take that next step of having an easily recognizable logo designed for you. You've seen them before: The Golden Arches, The Colonel, The Swoosh, The Chevy Bowtie. Everyone in America knows what they represent. No words, letters or numbers are necessary. Of course, they didn't become iconics ymbols overnight. But visual recognition was an integral part of the success of these companies. In this fast-paced paperless business climate, it's a lot easier for the brain to recall a colorful, attractive image than process the unfamiliar combination of letters and words in your company's name.

It's all about cognitive recognition. We'll spare you the psychology lesson. The real lesson is to ensure your company leaves a lasting impression with potential customers by having Anthony Savino create a logo for your business. How important is it to have a logo design for your business? Who are you? Without a logo your company is that anonymous grouping of letters and numbers we referred to earlier. An eye-catching logo gives your business not only an identity, but a visual advantage over the competition, and is also a jumping off point for your marketing strategy. Your logo becomes your signature, on business cards, in advertisements, on company vehicles, on company stationery and even on company clothing. Loyalty Your logo will create an atmosphere of loyalty and solidarity. The constant sight of your logo in your community will help your reputation, your word-of-mouth business and create a buzz about your company. You'll see a growth in business along with your growth in consumer loyalty. Solidarity Your customers won't be alone in their loyalty. As your company grows, the pride in your employees will grow, too, building a sense of solidarity within your workforce. They'll be proud to don a t-shirt or polo shirt with your company logo on it, should you choose to provide one. If you have drivers, they'll feel a sense of pride to ride in a company car or truck bearing the new logo, which at the same time, is increasing your company's visibility throughout the community. Branding As your logo grows in recognition, that image will also become synonymous with your line of business. If you're in the trucking business, a stylized truck logo will put a visual stamp on your customer's association with your specialty. This how you create your brand. It's never too late to think about company's image, even if it means updating a tired, stale previously used logo. You'll certainly see a difference in your business.



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