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For every small business that is looking to establish a digital footprint for their business, there is SEO experts offering advice that each will claim is the real truth about optimizing small business sites. Some will tell you that claiming your Google Listing (the info that comes up about your company in Google maps and local query results) is the only way to boost your SEO. The truth is that there is no one thing that can completely optimize your site.

Many will tell you that link building, or establishing links between your website and other relevant websites, is a dead issue. Wrong again because in the case of link building you should strive for quality (linking to sites that are relevant to what your business does) rather than quantity (paying some third party company to link your site to 10,000 sites when only 10 are relevant). Other experts will tell you to establish social media presences and post to them every day. As with link building, the reality is to choose those social media networks that will put you in contact with your customer base (an accounting firm will find little traction on Pinterest, for example) and sharing relevant information through regular posts.

In the end, for small businesses, while the focus of all SEO activities is to get the highest ranking possible in search engine result pages of SERPs, the activities that you do should also be about user experience. But what is user experience and why does it matter? Simply stated, if a prospective client finds your website or one of your social media presences their experience should be equal parts entertainment and information. If you are selling apparel then your site should have pictures of your products and links to the sites of accessories they may not be able to buy from you but that will help them to put together the perfect look. If you are a landscaper who specializes only in lawns and gardens and you partner with a company that specializes in patios and decks, photos of the finished work with references to each other's companies (along with reciprocal links to each other sites) could result in the prospective client working with both companies.

Working with a website designer/manager who understands your business and the best practices in terms of SEO for small businesses will help you to maximize your digital marketing efforts immensely and make you the go-to source for your customers who are looking to stay on top of trends and who supplies the products they want and need.



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