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Anthony Savino has announced the designing and launching two new client mobile websites and check them on your mobile device or tablet). Though as dissimilar in industry and specialties as can be, both of these highly professional companies share some things in common - the most prestigious and tell-tale of all, they both trusted and relied on Anthony Savino to create their fresh company images and websites. Led by owner, Savino, our designers have taken their talents and expertise to an extraordinary new level, blending creative mobile web design with the professional realm, in order to create two online masterpieces.

Based out of Valley Stream, H.W. St. John is a customs broker and freight forwarding company, which operates on an international level. With over 100 years of business, H.W. St. John has certainly made strong business choices, one of which has been to partner with Savino for the past five years for their marketing. To help achieve the level of professionalism and integrity H.W. St. John was looking to showcase, our team took a clean, straight-forward approach in the design and development of

The simple, yet striking color scheme of black and gold, gives off the heir of elitism, symbolizing the company's gold-level service and years of expertise. To counterbalance the straightforward approach, allowing their client's accolades and reputation to take center-stage, Benjamin Marc designed a unique slideshow of high-quality images, which are irresistibly captivating, to represent the company's methods of transport. Finally, to ensure bared no evidence of age, except in expertise, Benjamin Marc incorporated blogs, testimonials, a quick-form for interested clients, as well as H.W. St John's own Scan It! bar for application users and added extra security to the site, implementing qr code. For a client who falls on the other end of the spectrum, mobile website designer, Anthony Savino built a uniquely image-packed website for another top professional, local East-Setauket cosmetic dentist, Ira D. Koeppel, D.D.S. Savino knew that for this professional, they needed to show more than graphic cosmetics because the true representation and image of this cosmetic dentist lies within the proof of his patients. Therefore, a very different blueprint was drawn up and intended for

This site artfully boasts picture after picture in a fashionable way, displaying Dr. Koeppel, his staff, his patients, and his work, without being overwhelming. To further enhance his image, Benjamin Marc implanted videos for a more personal and interactive approach. Loaded with more visual testimonials than the norm, also combines levity through pictures with pure professionalism with the precision of a carefully planned layout, the use of clean, attractive fonts, and extensive display of links and informative content..



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