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When creating a logo, paying attention to our clients is the most important step. Understanding the vision they have for their concept makes our job a lot easier. Award-winning NYC logo design company, Anthony Savino has been providing creative and effective contemporary digital business solutions for clients for more than a decade now. The company continues to expand its base beyond its original New York roots with a successful track record of understanding a client’s vision and conveying that message through captivating graphic design.

NYC Logo Design Company, Anthony Savino will analyze your company’s goals and needs, and consult with you to create a dynamic logo that will match and effectively execute your business’s marketing strategy. The success of a company rests largely on a potential customer’s first impression of the business, so that initial visual introduction must be powerful, engaging and concise. In today’s competitive technology-driven marketplace, connecting with your consumer base through the media requires a strong and creative visual representation of your business. Seasoned Brooklyn logo design agency, Anthony Savino understands this and uses his innovative discretion.

is it time for a new logo design?

  • In the concept for Landscape Design & Construction Company, Clean Cut Services we were able to use a house as the top piece of the logo, if you look at the logo closely it takes the shape of a home.
  • Beer Distributors of Long Island City now proudly displays a logo that portrays the city skyline as buildings cleverly disguised as beer bottles, demonstrating the scope of their business throughout the New York metropolitan area.
  • Poseidon's Kitchen of Oceanside features a logo in which the trident of the mythological god of the sea doubles as a fork.
  • Brooklyn Logo Design company, Anthony Savino worked closely with a Contractor to form his brand, using the color scheme grey and orange we were able to create a modern & sleek symbol.
  • With the help and guidance from our client Ed of 20/20 Strategic Focus, his logo came out spot on, he explained to us that it was important to use a compass in the design, and it worked out great.
  • Your success in business is often defined by the strength of your logo, as it is the first image representing your company in the public eye. That's why it's paramount to have a reputable logo designer such as Anthony Savino assist you in putting your company's best impression forward.
  • We were able to create a powerful, yet captivating logo for Bello Architects, combining red and grey lettering in a unique image depicting both the structure and creativity for which architects are known.

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Why do you need a logo designer?

The company’s experience and reputation of being at the forefront of web design will afford you the competitive edge you’ll need. Our NYC logo designers are constantly updating their knowledge of current trends and technology and will implement that expertise and professionalism to help you create the perfect emblem for your company. What will your company signature be? That’s where New York City logo design experts, Anthony Savino steps in. Our design services will take your business to the next level and augment your profile in the modern digital marketplace. Once we’ve helped you design and create your company’s new logo, you’ll be able to proudly showcase your business’s dynamic image and utilize it to boost your marketing campaigns and strategies.



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