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So now that you've had your logo designed by Anthony, how do you get the word out about your company's new identity?

The perfect way to get your brand in circulation is to proudly display it on your business's signs and clothing. One way to get that logo produced professionally is through the means of screen printing, another one of the services provided by Anthony In this method of printing, ink is passed through either a fabric or a netted surface and extended into a frame. A design stencil is created and the colors are transfered into the stencil portions which are unblocked. Screen printing is probably the method most utilized in the custom production of clothing.

Cost Effective A separate screen must be used to reproduce each color of your logo. So when you're dealing in large quantities, screen printing becomes the most cost effective option for your business. The same templates are utilitized to make mass quantities of t-shirts or signs. The more copies you order, the more economical the process becomes. When professional screen printers are able to operate in bulk, they can pass the savings on to you. Some common applications of bulk-order screen printed signs include "For Sale" signs, roadside ads, campaign signs and contractor yard signs.

Reliable One of the advantages of hiring a professional screen printing service is the knowledge that your materials will be produced within a concrete time frame. You can distribute your t-shirts or signs to your staff in a timely fashion, allowing them to spread the word about your business. Screen printing is a quick, hassle free process that allows you to reach your target audience.

Durable Another advantage of screen prints is that they are tough and sturdy. The colors are durable and tend to stand up to harsh conditions. Customers can also choose from different varieties of materials, such as plastic or acrylic, to increase the durability of their signs. Companies also now utilize weather-resistant inks in the printing process.

Versatile Screen printing can be used effectively for a variety of things. In addition to signs and clothing, it's also useful for product labels, printing of circuit boards, and designs for balloons. Size Matters The one downside of screen printing is size constraint. The physical size of the printing screen needs to be kept fairly small to keep prices down, so the process typically doesn't make sense for larger sign applications. Designs with more than three colors are not ideal for screen printing. Quality Since your custom printed materials are an extension of your brand, you should partner with an established professional like to get the most quality in your products and ensure your business put its best foot forward..



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