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Project combined web design, a new logo, seo (search engine optimization) and printing services to deliver complete branding solution Anthony Savino, the premier Search Engine marketing and Dog Training Web Design firm serving the New York area, is pleased to announce the completion of the Sublime K9 branding initiative which provides customer with well-rounded marketing foundation.

When Jessica Freedman CPDT, Owner of Sublime K9 Dog Training, decided to start the business she was aware that a fully-formed marketing and branding solution was needed if her business was going to have the best possible opportunity to succeed. Understanding that she needed not only a website but a logo to begin get the process started. It was what she was not aware of that she needed that she did not understand. "When you start a business you know that you need the website so that people can find you and it needs to be optimized for all types of devices," said Savino. Savino then explained how in depth the process had to be.

Anthony Savino knew after their first conversation that Jessica was passionate about the work she was doing but she needed to have a total solution to give her the best chance to succeed. The whole team participated in putting together a proposal that not only covered the website and logo design but also included search engine optimization of the site, site design to ensure that enabled access from a variety of web-enabled devices as well as branding that stretched out to items such as business cards. Being an SEO Company, having a branding solution that took into consideration both digital and physical marketing they knew that they would provide Jessica the best possible situation to showcase her skills and services.

The website design took into consideration her philosophy and how she wanted the business to be viewed. The logo provided a recognizable emblem that would immediately become a symbol of quality and care. The rankings in the search engines due to the site design and use of keyword-rich content placed her business front and center in terms where people would be looking for the services offered. The final pieces was the ability to have the same company who designed all of the digital aspects of the company branding provide that one take away that all people desire, the business card. Please take a look at the new website and let us know your feedback.



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